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Program Overview

How the Program Works
  • We operate sophisticated co-branded marketing campaigns promoting you along with our mortgage services
  • Provide us with a list of 20 inactive prior clients that fit our client profile
  • With every financing we close, you either close a real estate deal, or get a percentage of our broker fees
  • Our program is fully complant with State and Federal regulations when using inactive clients
  • Lead-gen compensation splits are part of our standard distribution for every independent transaction
  • For 20/20 compensation, you cannot be the active RE agent on the same loan transaction/purcase
  • There is zero impact to loan fees for clients
  • 20% of our broker fees are distributed to the lead source (you or your brokerage)
  • We charge no fees to agents when generating sales and purchase transactions
  • You cannot collect a 20/20 commissin split if you are the active RE agent in the transaction (see Compliance)


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We never “barrage” prospects with unwanted phone calls and messages.  Our system utilizes a carefully crafted email campaign that is thoughtfully distributed over time.  We build trust by providing useful information and finance options to prospects.  Those that are interested can easily engage with our team of trusted advisors.

CLICK HERE to review the Terms and Conditions of our program.  Our processes are very transparent, and we use the latest technology tools to monitor and report on progress.

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